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Krishna Shukla

Founder & Executive Officer

Krishna is a dedicated and visionary leader that serves as the CEO of Food Equity Inc., a non-profit organization committed to fighting food insecurity through strategic donations to food charities. With a deep-rooted passion for social justice and a belief in the transformative power of equitable access to nutritious food, Krishna hopes to become a driving force in the fight against hunger.

Abhay Patel

Founder & Technology Officer

Abhay serves as the Technology Officer, overseeing the technical department and leading EquityAI's development. With his expertise in both operational management and technical development, Abhay drives the team in identifying locations in need of warm vegan meals through data-driven insights. His innovative mindset and technical proficiency enable him to plan and implement future tools to promote food equity.

Rohan Santosh

Chief Development Officer

As the Chief Development Officer of Food Equity, Rohan drives impactful change by devising and implementing effective fundraising strategies, fostering donor connections, crafting compelling grant applications, and spearheading revenue initiatives. Through nurturing pivotal partnerships and securing vital funding, Rohan fuels the engine that propels our cause forward. Rohan also conceptualizes and implements our organization's guiding ethos and defines our strategic vision, paving the way for our organization's success. Through Rohan's strategic vision, our nonprofit has raised thousands of dollars to support the livelihoods of thousands more individuals. In addition to these responsibilities, Rohan supervises our organization's marketing initiatives; he leads external communication efforts, enhances public relations, shapes brand identity, and orchestrates marketing campaigns to amplify the reach and impact of our mission.

Yaswanth Uppalapati

Chief Operating Officer

Yaswanth is a dedicated individual serving as the the Operating Officer at Food Equity. Through his strategic leadership and unwavering passion, Yaswanth ensures that our nonprofit maintains efficient operations, optimizes logistics, and coordinates efforts that bring essential sustenance to areas in need. Beyond his COO responsibilities, he actively collaborates with various nonprofit entities in order to increase exposure to Food Equity. Notably, Yaswanth has collaborated with an organization based in Andhra Pradesh, India, in order to streamline the resources to further fuel the organization's humanitarian efforts. His exceptional dedication and innovative approach make him a driving force in the fight against starvation.

Nehal Pallaki

Chief Financial Officer

Nehal assumes the role of Financial Officer, in charge of handling Food Equity's financial operations and providing strategic fiscal leadership. With a solid grasp of finances and business workings, Nehal helps the team figure out the budget needed to bring meals to food-insecure people. By mixing sharp financial smarts with creative ideas, Nehal leads the charge in creating and rolling out new tools to push forward food fairness.

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