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In India, there is a significant problem with fair access to food. Many people and communities face obstacles like not having enough nearby food options, unequal income distribution, difficulty with transportation, unfair treatment, and limited knowledge about nutrition. To tackle these issues and ensure that everyone in India can afford and access nutritious food, we must support local initiatives, push for policy changes, improve transportation systems, educate people about healthy eating, and make fair decisions. By doing so, we can create a future where all individuals in India, regardless of their background or wealth, have equal opportunities to get affordable and healthy food.

The Statistics

Percent Of Indians Are Food Insecure
Percent Of World's Undernourished Live in India
Out Of 121 On Global Hunger Index
Percent Of Infant Deaths Related to Malnutrition

Our Campaigns

Gujarat: Dollar For A Plate

Introducing the "Dollar For A Plate" campaign, a powerful initiative aimed at addressing food inequity in Gujarat, India. In this region, many individuals struggle to access basic nutritional needs, leading to widespread hunger and malnutrition. Indian farmers, especially in the North, have increasingly high suicide rates, burdened by problematic economic policies and dismal rates of poverty. With your support, this campaign will provide sustenance to the innocent farmers, their familes and friends, and all others who need help, all with a trifling cost of a dollar per plate. Every dollar received will go directly towards preparing and serving nutritious meals to those in need.

Raised: $379

Goal: $2,000

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Karnataka: Urban Harvest

While Karnataka boasts extensive metropolitan centers of rapid development and prosperity, it also grapples with the urban curse of widespread food insecurity and increasingly unequal access to nourishment. Fortunately, the funds put toward this campaign will go to our distributory centers, food kitchens, partners and other relevant missions in Karnataka's biggest cities. Furthermore, to cultivate more sustainable and renewable sources of food, the "Urban Harvest" campaign is organizing several food-planting events across Karnataka, along with supplemental educational programs. Thus, "Urban Harvest" effectively supports the neglected urban poor in Karnataka, particularly in its largest city and capital, Bangalore.

Raised: $437

Goal: $2,100

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Andhra Pradesh: Feed The Future

Andhra Pradesh consistently ranks among the most developed states in India. Nevertheless, child poverty and malnutrition rates remain high, and the rate at which children become orphaned is only increasing. The children of our world will go on to form the future, and we find it alarming that their plight has gone unaddressed. Our "Feed the Future" not only distributes food to needy adults and families, but also specializes in aiding orphans in Andhra. Furthermore, our "Feed the Future" campaign delivers holistic solutions like social & educational programs to Indian youth, disseminating essential knowledge on food consumption and building functional autonomy in our aid-recipients.

Raised: $296

Goal: $1000

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